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UIT 2018

UIT 2018
March 20, 2018
Uruguay Investment Farmland’s tour explored with their participants the Northeastern region of Punta Del Este. During their excursion, they visited farms, land, and vineyards. Experts on Uruguay farm investments and the region, guided the group during the different activities and provided detailed explanations of the opportunities this region has to offer.

Last April, UIT hosted the first 2018 Uruguay Investment Conference. Several experts participated to unfold a wide range of investment opportunities for any newcomers to Uruguay.

On this occasion, with the cooperation of Banyan Hill and Barbara Perrielo, the 4-day conference took place at the Grand Hotel in Punta del Este. The Grand Hotel is located in front of the Brava Beach and provides many facilities for its guests. It is a perfect location for presentations, discussions, meetings, and special guests’ presentations.

Like previous conferences, the talks focused on Uruguay´s new vision of a safe, reliable, and promising capital investment opportunity.

The conference in Punta Del Este brought together economists, lawyers, finance experts, real estate advisors, and expats advice.

During the morning presentations, participants had the chance to hear about Uruguay´s experience in promoting free trade in the region and the critical shift in its macroeconomic policy, that welcomes socially responsible capital, with respectful labor and environmental fairness.

The change of focus in Uruguay’s economic policy to attract private investment and the participation of several panelists who gave highlights of the advantages in the generation of strategic processes, which included land purchase benefits, was an important topic on the agenda.

Furthermore, the discussions held regarding the issuance of clear and transparent rules that offer to provide legal certainty, fight against corruption, compliance with international obligations, and tax incentives, among many others concerns were part of the presentations. Coffee breaks added additional opportunities to delve deeper into these topics and more.

The afternoon farmland visits and in-depth real estate tours were enhanced by experts who spoke about the benefits that are attracting investments in the areas of Punta del Este.

After the tours, local and expatriate guests gathered at a well-organized cocktail gathering near the oceanfront, providing our guests with an additional opportunity to immerse in Uruguay´s culture. A surprise dinner at the house of one of the hosts, located near the golden sands of Manantiales (one of the most incredible beaches of Punta Del Este) gave exceptional enjoyment to our attendees as they participated in our local dances and drum rhythms.

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