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Last updated: April 19, 2023

Contributor Community

At TechNews180, we value the expertize and insights of our Contributor Community, which is composed of seasoned industry luminaries and expert practitioners. Our team selectively accepts new members, prioritizing senior-level practitioners who can meet our editorial guidelines. If you are interested in becoming a contributor, you can apply here.

What We Look For

We seek original articles that offer unique and valuable insights within our broad coverage areas, including SaaS, Fintech, HealthTech & MedTech, Blockchain & Web3, Funding news, CleanTech, HRTech, B2B, Consumer Tech, Financial, and Mobility. We welcome how-to articles, actionable tips, and thought pieces that bring our readers new ideas or unique experiences.

Please keep in mind that our audience is a knowledgeable and engaged group, so we encourage you to write for professionals with at least ten years of experience in their fields. If you have encountered a problem or overcome a challenge, others may be experiencing the same and would benefit from hearing about your experience.

What We Aren't Looking For

While we love hearing about your experience in the field, we kindly request that you refrain from promoting your company, product, or service. Any content that comes across as promotional will be rejected.

Although we typically work with senior-level practitioners, we may accept articles from notable leaders working for vendors. However, the content must focus on a business problem or industry analysis of broad interest.

What to Expect

If we accept your application, please be aware of the following:

  • All articles are subject to editing.
  • Links may be added for context.
  • Art will be added at the discretion of TechNews180's editors.
  • TechNews180 will promote your article on our homepage, newsletters, and social channels.

Sponsored Content?

If you are interested in publishing product- or service-oriented content on TechNews180, we offer Sponsored Content & Brand Boosting programs. For more information, please contact us at

Contributor Application

If you are still interested in contributing, please reach out to us at Please note that due to the high volume of pitches we receive, it may take up to two weeks for us to respond. However, we promise to respond to all submissions.

Send an email with your name, a short description, and your title ideas + descriptions for each article. We will contact you back shortly.

We only respond to requests from authors who submit their LinkedIn account and/or website in the submission email. The more information we have about the author, the more likely he/she will be considered.

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