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Our organization provides you with all the latest and most comprehensive news and information for all SaaS news on funding, companies, people, and more in Europe and North America. We keep you informed about the latest developments in general as our team here at Technews goes deep into the market to get the news you need.

Saas magazine

You can subscribe to our magazine to stay up-to-date. Technews180 is where you come for information and news within the SaaS sector for the companies and technology impacting our lives and the world around us. Be it in business, entertainment, or everyday life. All this will be covered and can arrive directly in your inbox.

b2b saas news

Software as a service is a complex and constantly changing landscape. Keeping up with so much information in the b2b world can be difficult. That’s why we are on hand to report this to you. Our dedicated team keeps ahead of the latest news and events, so you have all the information you need going forward. Whether it is news, funding rounds, or emerging trends, we will be your port of call.

saas funding news

We recognize the importance of always having your finger on the pulse. So we bring you the latest in successful B2B SaaS Funding news, from new product launches to recently formed mergers in the world of SaaS. If you are a business leader looking for funding and investment, or an investor looking to read about the most recent investments and developments, we will be your go-to source of information.

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