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About us

Across the world, the tech scene is booming with a new generation of entrepreneurs. Startup innovators are rewriting the rules in their innovations. In Europe, 98 cities have produced at least one tech unicorn (so far).

TechNews180 is a leading media brand for the worldwide startup community. We have a dedicated team working on breaking news, offering insightful analysis and quality data.

Our goal is to examine the human side of all this entrepreneurialism. What is the reality of starting a business? How have successful startups built up their internal cultures? How have some founders achieved success?

To drive innovation, we are committed to being an ally of the startup community. We showcase the founders, investors, and entrepreneurs driving innovation. We bring you the news you need to know.

Our site covers the most transformative topics shaping tech right now. Behind the headlines, we highlight the stories that don't always get the attention they deserve. We keep you up-to-date on emerging markets with our reports and sector briefings.

Stay ahead of the competition with our digestible insight and deep-dive analysis of emerging technology companies.

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